I am an educated, well-spoken and articulate British-born Mistress, who has been active in the Pro-Domina scene under the name ‘Goddess Lillith’ since 2004. In the last year or so I have become disillusioned by the standardised fetishism of the London scene and wished to present a more honest and personal approach. My approach to Domination has been greatly influenced by studies of philosophy at degree level, and I find the works of Sartre, Hegel and Foucault to be especially relevant to my experience of BDSM. As a Domina I can allow you an escape from the pressures of your everyday life, where you can submit to a strong feminine figure and find release from the responsibilities of the mundane world.

Through this submission, you gain access to a world turned on its head, where you can transcend taboos and find release; through the ritualistic use of shibari bondage; through the meditative effects of being forcibly bound and recreated as human furniture; through the joyful freedom of being stripped of your ego and turned into a human puppy, a mute maid, or a piece of furniture; through the redemptive power of the whip, the ecstatic absolution of the crop and the cane.

However, this approach is not for everyone - I am not interested in acting as a fantasy 'Mistress for all occasions' who adapts her personality to fit the will and whim of her clients. I only see a few clients a week and would rather not waste that time with those that I don’t share interests with, who are rude or discourteous, or who cannot be honest and open with me.

Successful applicants will be intelligent, polite, happy to serve and have a good command of English. I charge a standard tribute for my time. I share chambers with Mistress Morrigan and Goddess Sophia, and can arrange double or group sessions with them. Also, do check back regularly on my updates page for details of workshops and parties.